My love for this team is at a point where my parents question my sanity.


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So what actually happened with hope solo?


Disclaimer right here that I’m not your best source of info.

If you’ve read her memoir, you know that she’s had a rough family history. One night, both parties (?) having consumed alcohol, she got into an altercation w/ her 17 year old nephew. Both sides spewed some hateful language / verbal insults and both sides physically lashed out. Lots of details that we as the public doesn’t know. Her trial is set for November, after WCQ.

Now, the media is in my opinion blowing it out of proportion comparing her to Ray Rice/etc. male athletes claiming a “double standard” is at work as Hope continues to play for USWNT and US Soccer advertises her shutout record, etc. This article explains that stuff well.

My take on this is that Hope isn’t a criminal, that the situation was not that serious. She doesn’t have a repeated history of violence. This was one muddled incident in which both sides were engaged in an alcohol influenced family argument that got physical but not overly so. We don’t know many specifics at all. Obviously, I’m not too credible a person given that I’m just a teenager trying to understand this stuff and obviously as a big Hope fan, I’m unconsciously-or-not on her side. 

It just really bothers me that headlines keep asserting that she should step down from the team, that the media is framing it so that the casual first glance reader (the general population of Internet browsers) automatically associate her with those infamous men—perhaps even rank her above their guilt as a female athlete, and perpetuate the undermine-feminism trend.



Have you ever noticed that all the current uswnt members are from costal states?

Sauerbrunn and Holiday aren’t.

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I'm assuming you think Hope should be suspended.

I think she should have been suspended since the day of her arrest.

She’s not going to be suspended though, USSF has shown that they have 0 issue with domestic violence charges.

While U.S. Soccer doesn’t have the same high profile as the NFL, how do the cases differ? Aren’t women’s soccer players just as much role models as male football players? The goalkeeping record is an an important one, both for Solo and for women’s soccer, but does it really trump an accusation of domestic violence?

Banging. Head. Against. Wall.

Banging. Head. Against. Wall.

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Roster predictions for CONCACAF?

Probably the players who dressed in either game plus krieger.

I don’t think there were enough changes to put them over 23. It was just KO, A-Rod and Johnston over Cox, Engen and Brian right? Plus a 3rd keeper.

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How do you gif???

Photoshop voodoo.

I know how, but it takes me like an hour unlike some of the other gif magicians because I mess up so often.

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