My love for this team is at a point where my parents question my sanity.


1st half thoughts (special edition)

Just to stick with tradition:

  • If your name is Syd, Tobs, Carli or Cheney keep doing whatcho doin’.
  • Mewie ima give you a hug next time I see you.  
  • Interesting lineup but we’re fucking stacked and it’s PRK so whatevs. 
  • That defensive hole was bigger than the one in the ozone.  
  • I vote Mittsy replace Cat for all future broadcasts.
  •  Alex has had a lot of good looks, she’ll get one. 
  • Contrary to the 1st 10 minutes, PRK’s defense can do work. 
  • There are 3 things I hate more than short corner kicks: terrorism, alarm clocks, and fluffy/nugget.  

No one really played poorly, we need to sharpen up passes though.  Defense wasn’t challenged all that much.  BOSTON STRONG.  

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